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New organizations are always welcome to join the Canadian Coalition for Healthy Waters

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As a Coalition member, you will:

  • add your organizational voice to the many others advocating for healthy waters—including all inland waters—across Canada.
  • have opportunities to meet and collaborate with other like-minded organizations.
  • have access to thoughtful analysis, strategies, and tactics to help your organization push for federal government leadership on fresh water.
  • have the opportunity to sign on to submissions to the government, press outlets, and more.

The Canadian Coalition for Healthy Waters (CCHW) is a non-partisan coalition of organizations advocating for federal government leadership and policy to support the health of fresh water—including all inland waters—across Canada. While the CCHW Steering Committee develops policies for the Coalition based on member interests and input that members advocate together for, individual members have their own unique interests. These interests can form additional policies that individual members may wish to advocate for when engaging with the government. Engaging with the government to advocate for their unique regional and topical interests does not negate general CCHW policies. In essence, while we work together to advance common objectives, we encourage each member to continue advocating for their distinct interests, contributing to the strength and diversity of the Coalition’s advocacy efforts.

For more information on how the Canadian Coalition for Healthy Waters is governed, read our Terms of Reference here.