Canadian Coalition for Healthy Waters


The Canadian Coalition for Healthy Waters is a non-partisan coalition of organizations advocating for federal government leadership and policy to support the health of fresh water—including all inland waters—across Canada. From rivers to aquifers, wetlands to estuaries, and lakes to glaciers, water is fundamental to the health, economic prosperity, social well-being and resilience of communities across Canada, and to the healthy functioning of the planet’s ecosystems. 

Water is under threat.

The rivers, streams, lakes, aquifers, and wetlands in our communities are being degraded by pollution, overuse, and habitat loss. The ongoing climate crisis is exacerbating these impacts while creating new, complex challenges: water supply is increasingly erratic, water quality is compromised in many places, and the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events are putting more pressure on waters across the country.

Our Asks

To mitigate these threats and support healthy waters, the Coalition advocates for three actions from the federal government.

Agriculture and water

Build a robust Canada Water Agency

Renew the over 50 year old Canada Water Act

 Investment of $1 billion over 5 years in the Freshwater Action Plan

Steering Committee

The Canadian Coalition for Healthy Waters is guided by a Steering Committee made up of the following members and chaired by Our Living Waters.

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The Canadian Coalition for Healthy Waters is a non-Indigenous led coalition. Any statement or policy position coming from the Coalition does not speak for Indigenous Peoples.